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Web Designing and Internet Technology


With the spread of the internet across the world and the growing population of users on the World Wide Web, web designing has come a long way. Web designing refers to the interface design and graphical desFning involved in a website or a webpage. Internet was first developed by the European nuclear research agency CERN in 1989. The World Wide Web was finally developed between 1991 and 1993 and featured text only pages which could be viewed via a simple browser. HTML, JavaScript and several other languages were later added to the coding to support a more graphical interface.

Today internet remains as one of the most popular means of communication and entertainment and serves a variety of purpose across several industrial sectors. Cyber terrorism refers to the unlawful use of the World Wide Web in order to spread terrorism and chaos. The objectives of terrorism can be many, political or general. Several Hollywood movies have again and again showcase the fact that how internet has exposed us all to a form of terrorism that can affect us inside our very homes. The 2007 Hollywood flick ’Live Free or Die Hard’ starring Bruce Willis showcased a much grave use of internet technology to manipulate critical government protocols and allowed the antagonist to utilize the government’s funds, weaponry and military forces.

The famous terminator movie series deals with the development of superior web technologies that are controlled through a central Artificial Intelligence for use in military. Instead, the machines and the technology created by the humans, turns on them and start a nuclear war on their own accord. Similarly, the Matrix series, starring actor Keanu Reeves, shows how internet technology and coding was used by the machines to imprison humans and generate enough power to keep the machines alive. Internet use while being a boon to the humans has made us severely dependent on this technology. What would you do if your old personal computer in your room were to turn on you?